Our account for students

RVB-GiroStudent offers students everything they need for their finances. Cash-free payments with a card, cash withdrawals and online banking.

The account is free of charge for students from Germany and abroad until they finish studying (with proof, up to the age of 30).

The RVB-GiroStudentalso comes with a free credit card!

  • DirectCard (for students from Germany and abroad)
  • BasicCard including a starting credit of €15 and free cash withdrawals in other European countries (for students from Germany only)

Comprehensive service package

Extra services on request

In addition to classic banking services, together with our affiliated partners we offer helpful extra services, such as rent deposit guarantees, important insurance policies and the blocked account required by students from outside Europe. This blocked account provides the German authorities with officially recognised proof of finance for visa application.

Services included

  • Paperless entries, e.g. crediting a transfer, SEPA direct debits with IBAN in euros
  • Cash withdrawals from about 17,300 German Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken cashpoints
  • Banking via our online banking platform and mobile banking using the VR-BankingApp
  • Use of the TAN procedure VR SecureGo plus
  • Online orders (money transfers, standing orders)
  • Online account statements
  • Digital banking offers such as Kwitt and giropay / paydirekt
  • Topping up prepaid mobile phones
  • Information from our Customer Dialogue Centre
  • Account switching service
Monthly basic price 0,00 EUR
Direct- oder BasicCard (MasterCard oder Visa)
(BasicCard from the age of 18 including €15 starting credit)
Blocked account (including bank confirmation from the Aliens Office) 89,00 EUR one-off
Statutory health insurance Individual pricing
Travel medical insurance Individual pricing
Rent deposit guarantee Individual pricing
Personal liability Individual pricing
girocard including optional digital girocard as an extra card 12,00 EUR a year

Paper-based and telephone transfers

Standing orders set up / changed by bank employees

Cash withdrawals from cashpoints facilitated by bank employees


2,00 EUR

Borrowing rate overdraft facility*
10,49 %
Borrowing rate overdrafts* 14,49 %
*An overdraft facility will only be granted to adult customers.
If you have a longer-term overdraft, please get in touch with your advisor, who can offer you a cheaper loan.